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Can I keep other sheets in my Google Sheet gradesly gradesheet?

Yes, gradesly only looks at the first sheet. You can use other sheets for your own notes.

I would like to keep attendance in gradesly but that would be 30 new columns.

We would recommend keeping attendance in but not weighting it nor displaying it. You can create a new column called "cumulative attendance" that tallies the overall attendance score which can be weighted and released. Of course, it is up to you.

I have many, many assignments and I don't want to show them all.

That's okay. Maybe bunch them together in two or three groups as a cumulative score and weight and display that instead.

I give extra credit. Can I put that into a new column and treat it as an assignment?

Yes. You can even have the sum total be greater than 100. The old gradesly spreadsheets will claim this is an error, but new class gradesheets created as of 2/3/16, it is fine.